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Trees Louise that is expensive!
last modified: Friday, December 28, 2007 (9:21:50 PM CST)
Basically I own a rather comfy single family home in a subdivision that is overrun with large oaks, trees that is. An as a matter of fact there is a rather large decaying tree close to my single family dwelling. Said tree is....... well for lack of a better word dying. Said tree will also fall at an angle that is not so pleasant for me to have to deal with. This tree is going to crush my home. Apparently the schematics of this bastard is 75-ft tall and 7-ft in circumference. Also weighing in at 64lbs per square foot. Long story short it needs to be removed. I am currently taking offers, so far my best estimate is ..... drum roll please...... $3,850.00. So we are starting a fund please send money via paypal to stufaro@mac.com. Any donations are welcome even if its not a lot. lol.
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